Marino Campus Tuition

Tuition for the ten month program is $18,600. Tuition covers the cost of instructors, curriculum and administration, as well as student support services, including behavioral specialists, peer and academic mentoring, career counseling, internship and job coaching, industry certification fees, and student-life activities.

Marino Campus' unique programs provide services and supports that are not typically found in state colleges or vocational centers, including tutoring, mentoring, internships, accommodations for learning styles, independent-living skills, employment-skill training utilizing the Virtual Interview Training Agent, soft-skill development, and behavioral services. 

Once students receive their diplomas from Marino Campus, the Career Services Department will provide follow-along services for up to 90 days to help students obtain employment and get acclimated to their new position. No school can guarantee employment for its graduates; however, Marino Campus staff put forth every effort to help graduates obtain the right job. 

Estimated Cost of Books & Supplies

The cost of learning materials including flash drives and books varies with an average of $45.00 to $145.00 per course.