Do you love working with computers and find tech skills to be a particular strength? Why not channel this passion into a career in computer technology? Computer Technology is a booming field with lots of potential for job entry and growth.  Our program is geared to help students attain industry- recognized professional credentials. The Computer Technology program is a 760 clock hour diploma program that prepares graduates for entry-level employment in organizations where computer skills are needed.

This program offers two separate tracks. For students who are interested in beginning their IT career as a Help Desk Specialist or Support Technician, Marino Campus offers the A+ CompTIA track. For students who are interested in learning the Microsoft Office software suite, we offer the Microsoft Office Specialist track. 

Regardless of which track you choose, you will have the opportunity to practice your skills in a business environment. Like all Marino Campus programs, Computer Technology requires 240 clock hours interning with one or more of our business partners.