In 2011, the Foundation’s Board of Directors made the decision to take the next step. With much enthusiasm, we are proud to present our newest initiative, Marino Campus. The Campus provides a collegiate experience for young adults, ages 18 to 28, with autism and other developmental disabilities who otherwise may not have this chance. Our vision was to create a community that truly embraced equal opportunities in employment and independence for young adults with varied abilities.

"We invite you to join in our excitement for this innovative venture and hope that the information found on this site will encourage you to visit us in the near future to learn more about Marino Campus", Dan Marino 

Mary Partin, 
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Tammy Bresnahan, 
Director of Academic Programs
Alice Moore Director of HR

Alice Moore

Director of HR

Shalita Aldridge Employment Specialist

Shalita Aldridge

Employment Specialist

Khaleel Sutherland Employment Specialist

Khaleel Sutherland

Employment Specialist

Maggie Infantino Admin

Maggie Infantino


Lauren Ferguson Behavior Specialist

Lauren Ferguson

Behavior Specialist

Christine Clevenger Academic Coordinator

Christine Clevenger

Academic Coordinator

Stephanie Mallison Hospitality Instructor 

Stephanie Mallison

Hospitality Instructor 

Pooja Kothari Employment Specialist

Pooja Kothari

Employment Specialist

Michelle Rudas Instructor

Michelle Rudas


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Uriel Lotarynski Accounting

Uriel Lotarynski


Elson Benjamin Technology Instructor

Elson Benjamin

Technology Instructor

Steffen Lue Career Service Manager

Steffen Lue

Career Service Manager

Joely Quinta Instructor

Joely Quinta


Susan Morantes Student Admissions  

Susan Morantes

Student Admissions  

Ryan Roach Career Management

Ryan Roach

Career Management




Sasha Benitez Behavior Specialist

Sasha Benitez

Behavior Specialist

Career Opportunities 

If you are looking for Career Opportunities... you are in the right place.

We are always looking for bright, talented new people to join our team!

Business Development Manager

Location: Fort Lauderdale
Status: Full-time

Position Overview: The Business Development Manager will bring products to market with responsibility for product management, marketing, operations and the overall sales cycle. This position will assist in all programmatic functions of the ViTA-DMF department programs with a primary focus on ensuring excellent customer service, maintenance of all website content and business development for new and existing clients. 

Adjunct Hospitality Instructor

Location: Miami
Status: Part-Time (Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10 Hrs/Week)

Position Overview: The Instructor will coordinate, develop, and implement a program of instruction that supports the overall curriculum.  Instructors will utilize best practices in instruction to assist young adults with developmental disabilities to learn required skills and to obtain and sustain competitive employment in their chosen field.


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